Their Last Resort Animal Rescue

This cute little shepherd mix pup was in the middle of Ryan Road running in and out of traffic.  She is such a sweet girl with some BIG EARS.  LOL

​Shady Male Adopted

Ms. Abby the Tabby and her babies

spot Male Adopted.

Tara enjoying having a big brother to play with at her new home.  I think she is trying to spy on him.

Meet our little Tara, she was the smallest of the litter and the one that looked more like a German Sheppard puppy.  Just look how cute that face is.

Jax now known as Maliki put on the big puppy charm, gave a few kisses and it was pure love after that.  Good Luck Jax, you have a great home!!

​Jax was our laid back mellow guy, he had the longest hair and was the biggest of the litter.

This is MILO, he was rescued by us from what would have been a horrible life.  Milo was on his way to be a bait dog.  Unfortunately it is a reality we see often.  We are just glad we rescued him in time. 

Can you believe this is the same dog.... yes, Maverick!!!!  He get's walked twice a day, no longer has all that extra weight, ear's are good no infections.... just love!!  Thank you to his new family for giving him the best life ever!!! xoxo  

Maverick with his Forever Family, we just new when he would be loved and cared for as he so deserved.  They were committed to a good life and a healthy living.

Maverick is a sweet Golden Retriver that was a owner surrender.  When we got Maverick he was extremely over weight, had a really bad infected "Hot Spot" on his chest and his ear's were very infected.   This is Maverick giving love to our cat George.

Matilda is our Old English Bulldog that was a pet surrender.  Her family could no longer spend the right amount of time with her.  So Their Last Resort took her in and loved on her.

Sleeping comfortabley on the couch and content, we decided to give her the name  Girl, Girl.

This little girl was found wondering around the street's alone.  After trying to find out if she was lost from a home for many weeks.  We decided after she stayed with us getting her spayed, and up to date on her shots, we looked for her forever home.

Ok how can you resist getting spooned by Chico.  He loves all the attention he can get from his new family and is a bed hog!  Chico with his Dad Tim, he is a big lover.

​Roxy at our home relaxing and looking good after all her medical treatment.  She was spayed, and heartworm positive which she was treated for 6 months to save her life.  She received all of her shots and was micro-chipped.  She is looking happy, healthy and ready to go to her forever home.

Our Adoption/Rescue Success Stories


Skittles Female Adopted

Angel Female Adopted

This was one of the prettiest kitten's we have ever seen.  She was real furry and a beautiful color grey with blue eyes, we called her Fluffy but her new Mom named her STELLA.  We think it fits her perfect.

This is Gizmo (thought his name should be Chewy) but I found him on my way to work Thursday morning just wandering around. He was returned to his owners later that day. Another happy ending!!!  Jenny xo

We had an adoption event at Pet Supply Plus in Warren, Michigan with Gemma's 1 sister and 4 brothers and it was such a success.  They fell in love with her right away.

​This is Gemma, she was 1 of 6 puppies that we rescued that was up for adoption.  Look at that creamy tan color and beautiful blue eyes.

Check out this cute little girl name Minnie the Mini Pincher.  Minnie came to us just in time from a good samaritan that reached out to us.  This good samaritan called us to let us know that someone he new was getting evicted from his mobile home and he was leaving Minnie behind in it.  Well, we all agreed we just couldn't let that happen to this little girl.  So, Their Last Resort and the good samaritan was able to rescue Minnie.  We are happy to say Minnie is doing great in her new forever home with her family and doggie brother just like her. P.S.  Did I mention she is spoiled too!

Marbud at the Vet's with Jenny feeling so much better that he is giving her lot's of kisses telling her Thank You for taking such good care of me!  He has put on weight and has been doing great on his heartworm medication.  Shortly after this picture a very nice man came to visit some of our rescue dog's and fell in love with Marbud.  Now they are best buds and chillin together!!

When we brought Marbud home, he was so weak he could hardly do anything.  Marbud was heartworm positive so we had to get him on medicine right away to save his life.  When dealing with heartworms is very deadly, and expensive to treat.  In this picture you can see Marbud's bones through his skin.  Poor baby!

This little guy had been living on the streets of Detroit since he was born.  We found him, his Mom, and one other dog living in this field.  Here is Larry gaining his trust with dog treats.  We gave him the name "Thumper" because every time he was excited he thumped his tail.  We had been feeding this pack for two or more months.

Jackie, had been fostering Danny, had him neutered and utd on his shots.  After fostering him, Jackie and her family decided they wanted to keep Danny as part of the family.  Now Danny runs around with their Doberman Pincher.

Danny's owner new just what to do, she trusted in someone she new that had been working with us for years and new Danny would get a great home, her name is Jackie.

Our cute chocolate Lab with his new "Mom" is so lucky to be in this family.  He now lives in the beautiful state of Tenneessee and is called BO!!.

Can we say this guy is so lucky to be adopted into a family that has three grandson's to play with.  Jake, Zack and Jordan are excited that Grandma and Grandpa adopted him.

Girl - Girl, AKA Hope is a special little gift for her adoptive family.  She get's to snuggle every night with her families little girl, that named her Hope..

Chico, after some weight gain, medical attention and some fun in the sun.  Don't you just love those ear's.

This is Chico, he was found on 8 mile and Hoover area.  He was extremely thin and malnurished.  He also had mange which irritated him and made him miserable.

Roxy AKA Freya  in her forever home, she was adopted by a wonderful family.  As you can see she loves her Dad, the whole family spoil her rotten.  We are so happy for her and her forever family.


​​So this is Bane in his new home. He is so happy and his new human brother just loves him. So happy for him.

Boomer and Blaze were officially adopted yesterday by a wonderful couple. Look how cute those 2 cuties are. Also glad that 2 brothers were able to be adopted together. Good luck boys!!!!

We think that is a big old grin on her face, because after all that playing chase she get's to ride in the truck.  

What better name to fit the occasion but to call her Ryan since she was playing in Ryan Road..

Well it's official. ....Ryan was adopted !
Thank you for giving her a wonderful home! We know she will love her new family.
We also want to thank everyone involved in Ryan's rescue. Without your plea for help who knows where she would be right now. So thank you for that. Thank you to Ryan's foster for taking such great care of her. It sure does take a village!!!!! —  feeling blessed.

Here is part of today's session. One of his free swims. He walked the treadmill, did his exercises then a little free swim. Great job Duke!

Posted by Their Last Resort on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Our little love Opie was the funniest little pup and when he was at the adoption event he was trying to get everyone's attention.  I am so glad that these beautiful puppies all have wonderful homes and the families send us updated pic's at how beautiful they all are.

​This is Duke​

Looks like Thursday will be Dukes last day of hydrotherapy. He has done so well and really worked hard. So proud of him.

Posted by Their Last Resort on Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This is Roxy​​ when we found her on the street's of Detroit.  She was living out of this abandoned broken down garage.  Larry was able to get her to trust him and feed her some treats and food.  She was so excited to just have human attention and touch.  We put her in the vehicle and took her straight for medical attention.


Look how good 6 mile looks after all his medical care and is now heartworm negitive.  He had lot's of work on socializing him since he was ferral.  Now look how sweet that face is and his new adopted Dad.

This is the outcome of your donation's and support and when rescue's come together for the goodness of the animals!!!

Thank you FOUR PAWS 2 RESCUE!!


On one of our outing's to feed them, one of the neighbor's told us that Thumper was hit by a car and had a good gash in his back leg.  We just new we had to gain his trust and get him off the street's.  Since, we had no available space for him we reached out to Four Paws 2 Rescue a wonderful rescue organization.  They stepped up and helped Thumper.  Four Paws 2 Rescue got him the immediate medical help on that infected leg, and found out he was heartworm positive.  They also gave him a new name...6 mile.  Fostered him so he had lots of socializing and love.  

Meet Danny the curious, loves the outside beagle.  Danny came to us as an owner surrender.  The owner was very sad to have to give her big boy away since she had to move away.

Milo was adopted by a wonderful family that wanted to have a little brother for their other dog.  Milo is living a wonderful life with his new family and best friend.

Yah!!  Matilda picked her pefect family!  She has two big brother's to play with her and it was a perfect match.  Can you see that HUGE SMILE ON HER FACE!!!!

Matilda showing off her big, happy smile!  She loves to play so we had to find her the right family that could handle her strong playful ways.

This little Chocolate Lab puppy was running around the street's of Hazel Park, he was soooo hungry,  We took him in fed him and did all the necessary things to get him ready for his adoptive home.

Sunday the Pooch Rescue

​We received a call about a dog that was crying, maybe caught in a fence. It was next to one of the Chrysler plants down in Detroit. 
To get to this dog we had to climb piles if bricks and soft dirt, and go thru tall weeds and grass. When we found her we actually thought she was dead because she didn't move. She was laying under a tree in some grass. She was full of burrs and was a little weak. Very sweet older dog. We finally got her back and gave her some water and food boy was she happy. After she ate Officer Lori Briggs & Margo took her down the street where there was a bar b q going on and as soon as they started walking up with her the owners were very excited. The dogs name is Sunday. She got out of the yard when someone left the gate open. 
So we were very happy to reunite her with her owners. Thank you to Lori and Margo, for always helping Their Last Resort and assisting Larry & Jenny Barnes  for helping with Sundays rescue.

We received a call about a dog that was crying, maybe caught in a fence. It was next to one of the Chrysler plants down in Detroit. To get to this dog we had to climb piles if bricks and soft dirt, and go thru tall weeds and grass. When we found her we actually thought she was dead because she didn't move. She was laying under a tree in some grass. She was full of burrs and was a little weak. Very sweet older dog. We finally got her back and gave her some water and food boy was she happy. After she ate Lori & Margo took her down the street where there was a bar b q going on and as soon as they started walking up with her the owners were very excited. The dogs name is Sunday. She got out of the yard when someone left the gate open. So we were very happy to reunite her with her owners. Thank you to Larry, Lori and Margo for helping with Sundays rescue.

Posted by Their Last Resort on Friday, July 4, 2014

This is Callie, (that is what we called her since she had no id.  A lady in the neighborhood that owns a hair salon seen this pretty little girl running around in the middle of the street on 13 mile road and Calahan in Roseville.  She called us and we saved her off the street.  That day we started placing Found dog sign's in the area, posted it all over social media and on For The Love of Louie website, we wanted to make sure she found her family.  About 5 hours later I received a phone call from the owners that had seen our post on For The Love of Louie and were reconnected.  They had just adopted her that morning from a shelter, let her out in the yard to go to the bathroom and she jumped the fence.  Please, always watch your new pet till you know it's personality and make sure you get them

Micro-chipped and tagged.

This is our friendly sweet boy Duke today. He is still under heart-worm treatment. We have to work with him on getting his back legs strong after his surgery.

Posted by Their Last Resort on Friday, July 18, 2014

This was Duke doing his very 1st hydrotherapy session. He is now on his 4th and I believe he Like's it! Will post some pics or a video from today's session. Duke you are just the best! Xo

Posted by Their Last Resort on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is Kya, this little girl we found running around in the middle of the busy street on John R and 12 Mile Road.  It took 20 minutes to get her but we refuse to stop we did not want her getting hit by a car,  When we did rescue her, her little paws were bleeding from running all over the cement.  I took her home and found her owner later that night.  They were so excited to get her back and explained to us that they just moved from the country to the city and believed she squeezed through the fence.  We don't think there was much squeezing she is sooo tiny!!!!

This is Tara with her new Mom and Dad and is fitting right in at home.  She is just so adorable and will be spoiled and loved.

Please meet Rusty and Brownie two brothers that have one of the sadist rescue's we have ever came across.  Larry and Jenny were doing one of their outreach feeding programs in detroit that they do 4 x a week.  They drive and feed homeless, abused, negleted dogs, some are the same dogs and some are new dogs.  We feed them until we can get them off the street's or educate their owner's on the importance on spaying/nuetering and health care.  On one paticular day a police officer pulled them over and asked what they were doing in Detroit.  When they explained they are an animal rescue and come to the inner city of Detroit to feed the dogs the officer asked if they could follow him that he had just met a woman that could use their help.  One thing about Jenny and Larry they do not say NO to people or animals in need.  The officer took them to a home where a woman was living and had 4 dogs that she could not take care of.  She explained to them that she was very ill, needed to be hospitalized, had an addiction problem and could not even take care of herself but wanted to find a safe place for the dogs first before she went in for medical attention.  To make a long story short these two little guys had lived their entire life in the basement and never felt grass or the ground.  These are the first pictures of them outside playing.  Look at Rusty jumping in the air excited to be free and feel the sun, and brownie on the bottom right rolling around in the grass for the first time.

How can anyone resist this adorable face.  This little girl was running around as a stray in the neighborhood.  Once Larry and Jenny were able to catch her they started searching for her home.

After saving Sammie from HPAS, we took him in for medical help and a really bad skin infection.  The doctor's thought it was best to shave him and give him medicine to clear up the skin and ear infection.

Meet Sammie, he was found roaming the street's in terrible shape.  Some one took him into the Hazel Park Animal Shelter.  Where if he was not pulled by Their Last Resort he may have been put down.

Grumpy is giving a goodbye kiss to Larry as he will be leaving for his forever home.  His name may have been Grumpy but he was all lovable. (named after our Seven Dwarfs litter)

How cute is this, with all the excitement of adopting Lexi she crashed and burned on the floor with Lexi in her arms.

Now that's when you know you did something right!

This is just a note we received from the May family that adopted Lexi, they posted on our Facebook page,  

It's official! Lexi is now our new fur baby! We already love her so much. I have so much respect for the owners of Their Last Resort rescue. They are people of high integrity, and it shows! Thank you Jenny Barnes and Larry Barnes Jr.! We will take good care of her . I promise!


Well Hello there Big Boy!!

My name is Lexi, 

Would you like to go for a walk in the park with our people family?

The people that found me took me to this place

where they gave me a bath, cut my hair and gave me some pretty bow's.  I really like these people from

Their Last Resort.

This little (girl) Maltese/Poodle sure was a mess when we rescued her off the street's in Eastpointe.

From Left to Right: Opie, Jax, Juice, Tara, Gemma & Tig


Gemma fit right into the family in No time at all and has been spoiled rotten by everyone!!​

Malnourished, starving and living in an open field in Marbud Park is where we found this sad boy.  Many times we give our rescue's names after a street or area we find them at, so meet Marbud!

MAGGIE MAE, was to cute and stuck to us like glue.  We new she was perfect for us.  She is now one of our little helpers in the rescue and tries to keep all the animals in line.

After posting sign's, police station visit's, checking for micro-chips and door to door searches.  This little Diva was going to be called "Maggie Mae!"

Sammie here resting like a sweet dog should.  He sure didn't stay with us long, he was adopted right away and swept up by good ol" Grandma Carole.  The rest of the story is now called "Spoiled Sammie Parker"

Milo relaxing on his new bed and ready to chew on his play toy.